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June 3rd
Welcome reception
Welcome reception venue: The Tartu University History Museum
Cocktails and snacks in Estonian style
Entertainment by Triskele - religious folk music from South Estonia

June 4th
Conference Dinner
Conference dinner venue: Assembly Hall of Sakala Fraternity

You will have a chance to immerse yourself into the student life with traditions dating back to the early 17th century. Beware! Those traditions in Tartu are very much alive. Brace yourself for a real party with all it takes – singing and having fun.

The menu will be compiled bearing in mind the best of the privileged student life and the ingredients will come from the local producers while the recipes carry all the weight of history.

June 5th
19.0021.00 - Visit to the Estonian Pharmacy Museum in Tartu

June 6th
Tour to the mysterious South of Estonia

We travel through the tranquil landscape of Estonian south to the Lake Peipsi where the Old Believers from Russia found their safe haven from the persecutions in their home country in the 17th century. Until today, they have maintained their language (Old Russian), their religion, their style of building as well as their cooking and their ways of dealing with health issues through a healthy diet of fish and onion. Their villages look nothing like the surrounding Estonian countryside – as a very well adapted minority accepted into the cultural diversity of Estonia for three centuries they are worth to be discovered.

We will make acquaintance with their local delicacies.

The tour continues through the winding country roads and through virgin forests to Setomaa – with its tribal traditions within the Orthodox villages where witchcraft and healing are still held in high esteem. Some hiking through moors will whet your appetite to try the local version of afternoon herbal tea.

We can promise you a wonderful experience you would not think possible in a tiny European country.


8.15 - departure from Dorpat

09.0009.40 Varnja Prayer House

Drive along Peipsi to Kolkja

10.0010.30 - Peipsi Visitor Centre

10.4511.30 - Old Believers' Museum

11.3012.30 - traditional lunch at the Old Believers' Restaurant

Scenic drive to Setomaa, Varska

15.0016.00 - visit Seto Museum in Varska

Drive to Obinitsa

16.4517.45 - Seto Art Gallery and workshop

Typical Seto meal

Drive back to Tartu

20.00 - arrive in Dorpat


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