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NNGCP 2015

The Nordic Networking Group of Clinical Pharmacy (NNGCP) offers clinical 

pharmacists from Nordic countries a platform to exchange experience and make plans 
for future research projects together with clinical pharmacists, hospitals and academic 

NNGCP will be held together with NSPC. By registering for NSPC on the conference 
web page www.nspc2015.com you are also welcome to join NNGCP.

NNCGP will be held at the same location as NSPC (Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu, 
Turu 2).

Specific programme for NNGCP sessions:

June 3 
15.30-17.00 Workshop: Impact of pharmacists integrated in multi-professional 
primary care practices (Ulrika Gillespie, Sweden) If you are interested in 
participating, please contact 

June 4
12.30-15.00 (including a short coffee break) Parallel session I - NNGCP meeting
Representatives from each country (Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, 
Iceland) will make a short presentation (10-12 min.) on the following topics:
- latest achievements, what we do well, what problems we have
- future plans, dreams

A discussion will be held following the presentations to share opinions and ideas from 
the presentations and discuss possibilities for co-operation in future research in 
clinical pharmacy. 

June 5
11.00-13.00 Parallel sessions III - Antibiotics use in children
This session focuses on the current daily work of hospital pharmacists' in Children's 
Hospital in Finland and how does the future looks like for the pharmacists working in 
the wards.

The following research areas are likewise presented:
  - FINLAND: pharmacist's contribution on rational use of antimicrobials (evaluation 
of antimicrobial therapy for blood stream infections and off label use of 
  - ESTONIA: pharmacist's participation at the paediatric clinical research - ESNEE 
study, pharmacokinetic trials.

Organisers: Niina Laine (Finland) and Jana Lass (Estonia)

All NNGCP participants are kindly welcomed to all NSPC lectures, workshops as 
well as social events and tour to South Estonia.

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